Bio engineering

The bio engineering uses life or dead plants (or a portion of them) as well as other dead material (e.g., stones, tree trunk, wood, geotextile) to solve engineering issues: erosion control, soil stabilization and restoration. Therefore, the bio engineering can be defined as a toolkit with lo environmental impact, used to contemporarily improve the soil and the environment.

IRIDRA's projects adopt bio engineering everytime is needed a slope or soil stabilization, despite particular conditions requesting conventional engineering solutions

IRIDRA - Ingegneria naturalistica


  • creation and/or restoration or natural or semi-natural areas
  • soil consolidation and/or soil covering
  • reduction of bank erosion
  • protection to soil erosion
  • hydrological advantages in terms of the rainfall infiltration
  • improved drainage
  • landscaping
  • lower CAPEX and OPEX in comparison to conventional engineering solutions

carugo fosso  web

Typological section of a swale for rainwater conveyed towards the dry detention basin of Carugo (CO, Italy) with bio-engineering protection, designed by IRIDRA.

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